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February 11, 2012 / errantimpulses


This was supposed to be just a quick sketch to work on hands and body placement….but then I decided to color it and it took much, much longer.  I do need to work on colors….choosing colors for a reason instead of, “whee, I like pink!”  Near and Mello are, at their core, very similar (I wish they got along better!) – so at some points I tried to make their clothes merge.  I wonder if that is apparent….is it TOO apparent?  Hmm.  Note to self, work on coloring!

How about the back wall?  What is up with that?  It looked so empty and I thought herbarium mounts would give an intellectual feel, suitable to M&N.  Plus I like herbarium mounts – they are so cool!  XD  I included Pine and Gingko, cause they’re easy/fun to draw, and then Foxglove and Cassava, because they are poisonous.  XD.


Completed 2/11/12  (yay, palindromic date!) using PS CS5for everything, including initial sketch.


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