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February 18, 2012 / errantimpulses


So I was trying to go for a skull-mask Dia De Muertos feel to this (those are supposed to be marigolds on the sides)….but I think it ended up more as creepy Skeletor cosplay?  Hahah.  I think I’m happiest with Mello’s crotch …  …  … ANYway.

I have a habit of doing initial sketches in a hard lead (like, 4H), because it feels paler!  ….but then it leaves deep gouges in the paper.  I need to break that habit!

Done in a variety of pencils (I need a new 8B!) completed on 02/18/12 – way too early for Dia De Los Muertos. ….but now I want a hand-held skull mask.

(arg, still more Near….my “Near” cloud is bigger than my “Matt” cloud….how did that happen!?)


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