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September 2, 2012 / errantimpulses


Here is a picture.

Quickest colored piece I’ve ever done, which makes me happy.  Done in sai (ahah lately every time I try to talk about Painttool Sai, I end up saying “sakai” – my old school’s lms)

I’m wading through the mess that is Adobe Illustrator to finish up the t-shirt design.  I think I’m almost done…. but that’s what I thought yesterday!  Bwah waaaaah.  This picture was to give me a break from that.  I dunno, seems pretty generic Mello/Matt.  ::shrug::  That’s okay, I guess!  It ended up being different than what I wanted – it was supposed to be playful, but they both look so serious!  They were supposed to be at a carnival – a carnival!  Anyway.  It’s quite odd – probably because I drew Mello’s scar.  I hardly ever do that (because there are some parts of Death Note that never happened.  Never happened, d’you hear?!).  Lately I’ve been forgetting to draw Matt”s goggles, too, which is odd, because I love drawing goggles!  Oh well!

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be done with the t-shirt, and then I can get started on more comics.


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