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September 23, 2012 / errantimpulses

Ginger Danger

I’m gonna get semi-serious for a second, whut.

So Friday I was all being online, and I came across some funny pics on a tumblr.  I thought the tumblr was hilarious and spent half the day going through its archives.  Then I was super-surprised to see one of my pics in the archive.  I was really excited!  But also super curious.   I tracked it back to the original poster, and found they’d actually posted a couple of my pics to tumblr…. but there was no mention of me, boo hoo hoo.

So please download my pics to your heart’s content , but if you share the pics please link back to me.  🙂

Whew, serious stuff over with!  Time for pics!

Today was the Fall equinox!  It was officially autumn!  And it was chilly!  I think I need to get me a vest like Matt’s.  Or a sweater.

This was not the pic I sat down to do at all, but I’m pretty happy with it.  It was done in sai, and pretty quickly.  I think I am trying to not get hung up on details.  I did not even color Mello’s hair or skin – just erased some bits of the sky (he claims Matt’s head is hard to see!  Hypocrite!).  I’m happy with the sky….not so much the ground.  Oh well.  Something to work on.

I was excited today because I have been thinking about an artist I used to like (but used to, I mean I’ve been out of things, and not thinking like that).  I came across some pics she’d drawn for me.  And then today I ended up stumbling into a couple of her pages, which she’s updating.  So I am happy.

Anyway.  I started a tumblr….and a DeviantArt.  And now I am triple-posting stuff.  Geez there’s gotta be a different way.


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