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October 13, 2012 / errantimpulses

We Got No Flowers For You

Here is a picture:

I was listening to the Fratellis on the way to work today, and this happened.  ….not on the way to work, later on, when I was alone.

I really like the Fratellis.  They are super-fun to listen to.  They’re not really big here, and I guess I can understand that.  Their music is a bit all over the place in tone.  The sound is too hard to be taken lightly, but the lyrics are too silly to be taken seriously.  What a conundrum.  But I like that sort of thing, so it works out.  Jon Fratelli released a solo album this year, which was also quite nice, though a different tone than the band’s stuff.

This pic…ah.  I don’t know what it is….but this took too long to finish, and I’m not very happy with it.  I don’t know why.  I used sai, and I think part of it is, sometimes I think I understand how Sai’s tools work….but then I try to repeat something, and it comes out completely different.   That’s part of it.  A part.  Ah well, it’s just a silly Death Note pic – no need to get upset over it.  I’m making more conscious choices, color-wise (maybe too conscious?) so that’s something!


Also I said I got a tumblr, but I didn’t link to it.  It is here…  I’m pretty much juse double posting right now :-


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