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October 19, 2012 / errantimpulses


Here is a picture


Haha, it is that time of the year, when I am always sleepy.   …wait, that time of the year when I am awake?  I said that sometimes I forget to draw Matt’s goggles.  Now it seems I am drawing versions of his goggles, but I am not taking this seriously at all.  It is sad – I really like how Mello came out, but I think the detail I put there makes him look too serious.  Oh well.  What is he doing over there?  Planning his next move on Kira?  Spying on Near?  Writing LxMello fanfiction?  …yes, I think it will be that last one.  Hahah, now it is less serious.

Though Mello would probably feel determined to write several drafts before publishing it.

….and Near’s LxMello fanfiction will still get more “likes”.



…I would read Near’s LxMello fanfiction.


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