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November 4, 2012 / errantimpulses


…still practicing with Copic markers, much to Mello’s chagrin.  Hahah.  All these tutorials on how to use copics always seem to show people coloring in big-headed ballerinas or something.  So I drew a big-headed Mello.  That’s the same, right?  Right?

Man, working in traditional, colored media is HARD, hahah.  I am very impatient, I think, and don’t let my inks dry long enough.  Which causes smearing when the marker goes on top of it.  I also have a bad habit of putting the caps back on the markers incorrectly – which led to me streaking his chin with pink instead of brown, lol.  Someone gave me a tip to just leave the markers uncapped while I use them – five minutes won’t hurt…. but I never put them down, which meant I accidentally streaked his eye with pink while I was coloring his hair with yellow.  ….I think I need to get a colorless blender.  Or be more careful.  Or stop using pink.




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