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November 9, 2012 / errantimpulses


Not worksafe Mello and L under the cut.

….so I was actually in the middle of writing how the pic didn’t turn out the way I wanted, when I said to myself, “fix it, then!”  So this picture isn’t perfect, but I was able to fix some of the things I should have the first go around.  I am a terrible hatcher, and I have been trying to practice hatching, but I am really bad at knowing where it goes, haha.  It is less necessary when colors are going on top, right?  Ah well.  So anyway, I did this in Sai….and I did it a while ago and posted it on tumblr, but considering I redid the colors now, I don’t feel bad posting it here, haha.

Oh, about the pic….I really like LxMello!  Hahah!  It would never work, though.  L wouldn’t know what to do with Mello, and Mello would be so incredibly overwhelmed by happiness he would become completely spastic and forget how to function (how adorable – that’s why I like it).  Maybe I like it because both these guys need a lot of love, and what better than to give love to each other.  Oh, hugs hugs.


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