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November 10, 2012 / errantimpulses


Here is a picture

I didn’t plan to post this – or even draw this.  I had a terrible day and started complaining about it….and decided drawing something would be a better solution.  I was right!  I’m really happy with how this turned out!  Is it perfect?  No…. but there were a lot of points where I thought of stopping, and then I tried to take it one step further….and hooray.  I think I’d planned to color this….oh, gosh, I think I wanted to use limited color.  Oh well, too late.  Maybe I will work on that a bit later….add some black?  I don’t know.  Lol.  I feel light I’ve seen this pose before.  😦  Maybe it’s simply a generic Mello pose.

Anyway….I will say about my bad day, it started off with this blog being suspended!  :-O  There was a notice saying it was spamming people.  I was able to get it unsuspended – turns out it was simply auto-caught in a spam filter….but I don’t even know what would have triggered that!  😦   Well then, in the afternoon, it was suspended again, but there wasn’t even a notice, so I didn’t know why it was taken down or who to contact.  Apparently you have to go to the forums for help on WordPress.  I hate sites like that.

Cause here’s the thing….and it’s a giant thing I hate about people.  ….They don’t listen/read….which is fine and one’s prerogative by itself….but then they feel compelled to REPLY/answer/ask questions you’ve already answered.  I encounter this all the time, and it drives me nuts, absolutely nuts.  If you’re too lazy/busy to devote yourself to what another person is saying, I totally understand.  Half the time when people talk to me I’m thinking about Mello, lol!  ….but – but! – don’t tune out and then answer questions they weren’t even asking, or ask them questions that they already answered.  Take responsibility.

…Or Mello will shoot you in the face.

Ah – added a small amount of black.  Under the cut.


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