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November 13, 2012 / errantimpulses


Have I uploaded this one?  Oops.  Again, trying to get some older stuff up.  This was done….oh man, I don’t know when.  From now on I need to put things on this site first….even if I redo them twenty times, lol.

So this was another one that I did in the same style as “Rough” and “Shoot” (I did it after the former and before the latter, in case that’s not evident).  There are a lot of drawbacks with this style – the biggest is that it’s difficult to color it when I’m done (at least, color it the way I’m used to), but I think a huge benefit is having to work with my “mistakes”.  Or happy accidents.  I don’t know how this will translate to my traditional art….I think I have been “turning the page” a lot less…. but on the computer I can “smudge” everything into non-existence if I keep at it enough, and lift completely to white instantly, which I can’t do on paper.  So I can’t get too comfortable with this.

…where was I?  Oh right.

Hahah Mello’s flashing Matt.  Or trying to.  The original concept was….erm….sexier….but Mello wasn’t having it.  I like this better, though.  Poor Matt, haha.

Matt is a bassist.  Very mellow.


That wasn’t intentional.


….On a side note, lately I’ve been getting a lot of headaches.  😦  It’s very distracting….


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