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November 14, 2012 / errantimpulses



….too many of my pieces are titled “what”….cause I don’t know what went into making them, haha.

I was working on a picture for about an hour today….and it wasn’t coming out right.  :-/  Kept stumbling over the same thing.  So I tried to draw something else.  Spent another hour stumbling over something….it’s frustrating when you like half the piece but the other half isn’t working…..and the half you like isn’t really important, lol.  Boo hoo boo.

So, tired and frustrated I scratched this out.  And I think Mello’s so cute.  I’d intended him to look psychotic, but he looks happy to me, and that makes me happy.  XD  Mello could be wearing a sheet and I’d think he was so cute.

….I do think I have a pic like that fav’d….

Very few headaches today, which makes me happy.  🙂


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