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November 18, 2012 / errantimpulses


Here is a picture and then a comic



The first picture uuuuuuuugggggggg.

I started it right after “Shoot” with the same idea in mind, and figured it would go better.  It went worse.  Much worse.  Everytime I think I have sai figured out….

I also decided to film this one (screencapture film) and when it got a bit wonky, I thought, “well!  Let me see what went wrong!” because I think there was a point where it looked nice!  I think!  ….the world will never know, though, because the vid got messed up in the transfer from screencap to video.  Oh well.  Don’t dwell on it.

I did a bit of sketching using Posemaniacs quick sketch feature, which was nice….for a bit….except…Posemaniacs is creepily sexist/misogynistic/maybe neither of those two but something is off, I don’t know.  It’s a bit creepy.  There are, essentially, three types of models – a ridiculously muscular man, an average man, and a stylized/average woman (not unrealistic, but supermodel proportions).  The poses for the men are pretty average.  Standing.  Folding arms.  Punching.  Normal stuff.  The women though?  A quarter of the time she is doing dainty girl things (ballet?  I dunno, why is she always pointing her toes) and the remaining 75%?  She is obviously in a porno.

Like, it is not even subtle, and it’s a bit disconcerting.

Before you are all, “wait wait, I’ve seen your stuff, pot, lay off the kettle!” I am not complaining there are sexy poses, period – they actually help me, haha heehee, but I am creeped out that

1) it is ONLY the woman that gets these poses

2) they are not even “sexy” poses, they are like, mid-coitus money-shot poses

3) they make up the BULK of the woman’s poses (at least those that were up during my session)



The comic was fun, though.  For some reason the second panel looks lighter to me than the first.  I think I was being more delicate with it than I needed to be.


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