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November 23, 2012 / errantimpulses


Here is the first page of a comic (without words…is it a comic?  It is simply a series of pictures, I guess).  Under the cut there is terribly-drawn full frontal.







This was actually an exercise in telling a story without words, which I’ve tried before, on a smaller scale – that was a Walk in the Park compared to this.  Hahaha I love puns.

The story I was trying to convey was Mello coming home.  Matt hears the door and comes out the greet Mello, and sees a bag.  He thinks it’s a present at first, but then notices it’s from the local sex shop.  He looks inside….and is upset by what he sees.   Mello is in the kitchen, spreading Nutella on a chocolate bar.  Matt comes in to confront him as to why Mello bought a fucking machine/Sybian.

Mello begins to talk about how when he and Matt get romantic….Matt interrupts, getting right to how they fuck.  Mello continues that when they are having sex, after Matt’s orgasm… Matt falls asleep, leaving Mello unfulfilled.  Matt had no idea.  (They never do!)

So Mello goes off with his toy, and Matt has an idea!  He goes to the local sex shop, and buys a cock ring – which are supposedly supposed to help with premature ejaculation.  This will hopefully make Mello happy!  (…in bed).


Mello ended up looking pretty touched in that panel – more than I’d intended him to, which is nice.  I like Mello being happy, and Mello is happy Matt is thinking of him.  This could have been avoided if you’d just talked to Matt in the first place, Mello!  But oh well, there is a happy ending!

Drawing this was…erm, I don’t know.  Continuity is still an issue – this was done in Sai, and arranging backgrounds is a bit easier to do on paper (so you can see where exactly the closet doors line up versus the front door).  I ended up using a lot more color than I’d intended to.  It also ended up being less cartoony than I’d intended it.  Well, most panels.  I’m worried that just makes it look inconsistent.  I had a helluva time with the boys’ hair.  :-/

But yay, it’s done!




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  1. AkephalonMuse / Nov 23 2012 8:39 pm

    First time finding this WP and I’m like…WHERE has this been all this year. I love your style!

    Without the speech in, my head decided to be funny and help…with Peter and the Wolf-style musical implied speech things. And it works so well.

    • errantimpulses / Nov 23 2012 9:00 pm

      Thank you!
      Hahah, I would love to hear the music that would go with this….

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