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November 26, 2012 / errantimpulses


Here’s a picture!

Holy cow, where are Mello and/or Matt and/or Near?!  Oh no!

So anyway, still working with copics. I tried inking this twice….one was not really “inking” it I guess – I was using a watercolor.  It didn’t turn out nicely.  So I used ink and brush.  I think I really do prefer that method of inking.  It’s a shame, because it’s a lot slower than using pens.  Brush pens are too thick, even.  Or I don’t know how to work them right, haha.

I tried a couple different papers working on this one, but I think the marker pigment itself has a lot to do with the properties – like bleeding, blending, picking it up, etc.  The darker colors tend to bleed more and blend more.  Poor Link got a bloody mouth when I tried to color his tongue.

I switched Link’s handedness (although in some official pics he is right-handed) but I kept the fact he wears no pants, haha.

I got sloppy on the background.  But hey, at least there is a background at all!

Anywhos, I was thinking of drawing a picture of Link, and the Wallmaster was the only thing I could really remember, hahah.  Man, those were scary.



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  1. AkephalonMuse / Dec 3 2012 10:15 pm

    *this is the part where I violently curse at my phone for evidently eating my reply. …OR MAYBE A WALLMASTER GOT IT*

    I hate those things. A lot. With a passion. On a small TV the shadow doesn’t help you hear it coming…but when you hear that noise over the headphones, you start to roll like a crazy guy praying that it misses.

    It usually doesn’t.

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