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December 17, 2012 / errantimpulses


Here’s a doodle


There is so much I want to doooooo but there isn’t enough time!  😦  This week has been stressful at work – lots of stuff needs to get done, things I have been putting off.  But they all need to be done, NOW.  😦  No time for fun.  I drew this as a distraction from the work I am supposed to be doing.  Sob, sob.  I also started watching Hetalia.  It’s funny, but a bit tedious (why does the theme song take up 20% of the entire episode?)  But the first episode, Switzerland tells Japan to shut up, and I recognized Romi Paku’s voice and got excited.  I love her voice.  And then I stumbled across some interviews with her (I try to avoid that thing, usually.  I dislike learning too much about things I like, because that increases the chances I will discover something I dislike, haha, is that weird?).  And she is so….I don’t know, I don’t know, but it’s lovely.  What I saw her in, she used “ore” to refer to herself, which, I don’t know why that tickles me, but it does.

Anyway, things to do.  I need to finish work work.  Then I drew a comic for Mello’s birthday, but I need to finish that, and I don’t know how long that will take.  😦  Probably until his next birthday, ::sob, sob::.  I read H-eichi finished Love Traveling in two days.  I think I did sob after that.  😮  Then there is the Valentine’s day comic I started….and then I realized Matt and Mello’s death day is coming up, and I think to write my alt story for them, and, and, and…. so much more.  Ug, and then there are the things that don’t involve Mello and Death Note (there are some-!).

….I wonder, if I did a really good story, would Romi Paku voice something?  Oh, that’s a delight. It could be like Bakuman, only much less insanely sexist (wtf is up with that book, ug).

I’m so tired.

Also procrastinating.  But very tired.



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  1. AkephalonMuse / Dec 17 2012 3:27 pm

    Hetalia! ❤

    The theme music does take a bit of space… but for me it gives me time to recover from the opening jokes. A friend of mine got me into it on accident (I was very confused about a mispost) and I wound up going to a panel discussion at my second Acen, where they explained everything.

    …they had me at "Pasta." Or right before at scary!Germany.

    • errantimpulses / Dec 19 2012 12:33 am

      Haha, I’m really liking poor little Canada right now. And Switzerland….but I honestly don’t know if I like Switzerland or if I just like Romi Paku haha,

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