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January 1, 2013 / errantimpulses

New Year


Happy New Year!  I might go all mushy in a bit…. but about this picture…

Random, unplanned drawing after I got home from a New Year’s get-together.  Colored with copics.  Still having issues, obviously (inks still running when the marker hits them), but for the  small scale of the drawing it turned out okay.  It says “Happy New Year!” above it, but I decided to cut it off…I didn’t plan it well.  Hahah.  Poor Matt, he is a lightweight.  It is still dark, because I’m using my camera….maybe I will scan it when I get home.  I like the colors – I didn’t limit myself to a strict palette….but I think it still looks okay.

Anyway…welcome to the New Year!  ….and I want to say…thank you everyone that has visited this site.  I set it up last January, as essentially a public diary of my drawings…and I’ve been surprised at how many people have visited.  I thought I would be quite lonely. Even if this is the first and last post you are reading on the site, thank you, hahah!

I hope this New Year is a fun year for everyone.

Edit!  Ah, finally back home and able to alter the image (the camera always makes things too dark)




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  1. sarahtoma / Jan 1 2013 10:25 pm

    wow! you drew this after a party??? it looks great! you are very talented 🙂

    • errantimpulses / Jan 2 2013 7:55 pm

      thank you! it was not a raucous party or anything, hahahaha

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