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January 5, 2013 / errantimpulses

Bloody Bloody Mat

Here is a picture

Mat04medWait that’s not Matt!

So the Wheel of Time is finally concluding this year!  I think it’s the first thing I really got in the habit of reading only to make fun of it!  Some of the humor based of the WoT is better than the WoT itself.  The books got increasingly misogynistic as time went by (though not nearly as bad as some best-selling books that will remain nameless).  Even our beloved Mat – friend to women – Cauthon has begin ranting about the ladies.

This was actually a line from the book I’m in the middle of (only slightly misattributed) but it is quintessential Mat.


Making the picture was okay.  It’s not as dynamic as I would have liked….one of those, “too much time for too little result” kind of deals.  That’s okay.  I think the further away I get from a character’s face, the more I lose interest, haha.  But overall I think it’s okay.



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