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February 8, 2013 / errantimpulses

A Grand Adventure

Here’s a picture


Peter Pan and the Pirates was my favorite cartoon when I was a kid.  He’s the best Peter Pan, and Tim Curry will always be Captain Hook.  I wanted to do a more dynamic picture, but I couldn’t get it to work right, haha – maybe next time.  I’m still happy with this, though.  The coloring was quick, but I like it.  All the colors were already in my Sai palette, which was nice.  I tried not to smudge as much, and tried to shade by using more pressure or a different color..but I did smudge in some places (on the main picture.  The background is smudged to all get out).  Originally he had no hands.  His arms simply ended (even though his legs went on, haha).  I figured I would crop it.  But when I did crop it, I didn’t like how it looked.  So a I did a rushed hand job, haha.

So here’s a fun fact – while I was looking up his outfit, so I could be somewhat accurate (all I could remember was “brown”, hahah), I found out the voice actor for this Peter Pan is the same voice actor for Impulse in Young Justice!  It was so exciting.  I haven’t rewatched PPatP in a long time – I’m worried it’s one of those cartoons that won’t hold up, but now that the connection’s been pointed out, I wonder why I didn’t see it sooner.  It’s probably one of the reasons why I like Impulse in YJ so much (….not that I need an excuse to like Impulse….I’m simply wary of his portrayals, hahah).  Jason Marsden is really great.  ….I think if he’d voiced Ed in the Fullmetal Alchemist dub, I might have liked it better….


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