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About (11/10/12)

Hello! I love comics! I recently got back into Death Note, but there are others I love too! This is a bit of an experimental art blog – I really don’t know what I’m doing, ha! I’ll be working in different formats and things.

Update: on 11/09/12 my account was suspended, twice.  The first time I was told it was for a accidental spamming net thing (something about my blog triggered their spam nets, but my blog wasn’t doing anything wrong).  The second time, I wasn’t given a reason (but it was, obviously) reinstated.  The night before I had uploaded “Want”, and I can’t help but wonder if the two are related (I certainly wasn’t told so by WP, but I can’t help but wonder….)  I do make some “mature” art, and while I do still consider it “art” (as much as anything I make is art, lol), if it is something I would put under a “mature content” filter on, say, “deviant art”, I may be password protecting it, at least for the first few days of release.  If you still want to view such pieces (and are mature and old enough to do so) the password is “iam18”.

…it’s annoying I feel I have to do this, what with some of the other sites I’ve seen, but better safe than sorry, I say.


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