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April 20, 2013 / errantimpulses


Mello you are always having “nightmares”….

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April 15, 2013 / errantimpulses


Oh man I have been terrible at updating here is a picture


So this is a picture of Mello – I only wanted to draw him with tall boots. I haven’t done a blending pic in a while, so I tried to do that, but I guess I’m rusty.  I used a reddish brown color for lines/smearing, and then a yellow or blue underlay – that was new, trying to get different shades of colors by adding layers of different colors and letting them work themselves out.  The blue was bright, but it worked with the red to dull itself for the pants and boots, etc…. and the yellow gave a different warmth to the skin and separated it from the coat, which was interesting (though I worry he looks jaundiced)…..

I’m still in the process of moving, which is stressing!  But hopefully I’ll be able to get moved soon and can start drawing again…..

March 30, 2013 / errantimpulses






Mello’s getting communion….hmm.  I liked this better as a sketch.  The proportions are way off….I need to remember that the more realistic I try to make some things, the more it will highlight how unrealistic other things are.  Ah well.  I’m still afraid of using colors, hahah.  I feel like I used so many colors, an made this so dark….but I really didn’t, haha…..

March 25, 2013 / errantimpulses





Picture of Mello…. this seemed cooler in my head….

I don’t know why he’s carrying an ax.

March 23, 2013 / errantimpulses


mellonearsextoy01sm mellonearsextoy02sm mellonearsextoy03sm


Omg I don’t know.  Near’s finger puppets have always looked phallic to me.

I wanted this to be a quick comic….but then I went overboard on the first “page”….but ran out of steam for the next two.  😦

March 11, 2013 / errantimpulses



Quick picture of Mello and Near.

March 11, 2013 / errantimpulses

On Top

NSFW HallexMello under the cut….

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